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About Ultimate Auction

Ultimate Auction is a feature filled web auction software. UA uses the most cutting edge technology available to this day. Development initially started in the beginning of 2000. However, over the years we have updated UA to include some of the latest technology. The software is written in perl and it utilizes the mySQL database. This software was written to handle the most extensive traffic and business needs, however, it is also perfect for the personal user that wants to start a small auction on their site. Ultimate Auction is PERFECT for EVERYONE. We support our software 100%. If you have any questions, just let us know. If there is a feature missing for the auction that you need, no problem, just let us know. We are here to satisfy your every need.

Why is Ultimate Auction better than the Competition?

Well, that is a very easy question to answer. We have provided the list below to show that we are superior to our competition.

FAST - Ultimate Auction was written to have the most features, yet still have ligntning speeds.
RELIABLE - Ultimate Auction is reliable, no matter what, you can always count on UA to work for you.
SECURE - Ultimate Auction is very secure. We have taken every avenue possible to ensure that UA is as secure as possible. The auction even encrypts the user's passwords.
AFFORDABLE - Ultimate Auction is extremely affordable. Compared to our competition, we are practically giving it away.
FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE - Ultimate Auction features a web-based admin that will allow you to do everything you could possibly need. Ultimate Auction is also 100% HTML template based.
MYSQL DATABASE - Ultimate Auction keeps all of its data in a mySQL database. mySQL is a fairly new method of storing data. It is a binary database which allows you to hold virtually unlimited amount of information without a change in speed.
TOO MUCH MORE TO LIST - There is way too much to list, just take a look at the feature list and the online demo. We are 100% positive that you will be satisfied.

Are you Interested?

GREAT, just click the order button on the menu at the top and follow the instructions. The order form will allows you to INSTANTLY gain access to Ultimate Auction once you have paid. You will also be provided with an Owner's Section that will allow you full 24/7 access to the latest versions, updates and add-ons to Ultimate Auction, priority support, statistics and extensive documentation. What are you waiting for? Order now! If you have any questions please contact us.

Ultimate Auction Requirements

Unix/Linux/FreeBSD Server
Perl 5 or Above
mySQL Database

Current Pricing

$300 w/o Installation
$400 with Installation
FREE Tech. Support!

Prices given are for a single license to use the software on ONE site.

* New Feature *

Ultimate Auction Now Features Private Messaging!


"Absolutely Amazing!"

"Nice script you got here , I really like the advance search, geeze, it got cookies, account management, a black list :p , but the thing I like most is that watchlist."

"Looks Great! I see you made modules for the different functions, nice touch. Nice features, put together well. I Love your admin panel."
Jeff Horn

"Ultimate Auction is named Ultimate Auction cause it's ultimate!"


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